Today FM team given stern talking to about ‘weak c**k’ comment

Today FM team given stern talking to about ‘weak c**k’ comment

TODAY FM HAD a “stern” talk with the Fergal D’Arcy show team after a discussion that led to the use of the term ‘weak cock’.

A complaint was made to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, which stated that two DJs were discussing the German term ‘Schlappschwanz’, which is used to describe a person as a ‘wimp’ During this conversation, presenter Fergal D’Arcy mentioned that it can literally be translated as ‘weak cock’.

The complainant felt this type of language was “not acceptable” on live radio. The BAI rejected the complaint, noting the remark was made in passing and was in line with the general approach of the programme. The authority also said that while some people listening may have found the humour offensive, the content was not likely to have caused widespread offence.

In its response to the BAI complaint, Today FM said it was “confident no innuendo was used” and that the mistranslation was delivered in “a mostly factual tone”.

Though the radio station said it was satisfied that it had not breached regulations, it had “spoken with the team very sternly about having a better content filter and to avoid such a juvenile approach in the future”.

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