PICTURES: The devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey on Texas

PICTURES: The devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey on Texas


HURRICANE HARVEY SPENT the weekend battering the coastal regions of American state Texas, leaving three people dead and an unprecedented trail of devastation in its wake.

Footage (above) from the US Coast Guard shows much of the area around Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, resembling a giant lake.

The sheer extent of the rainfall and flooding led state governor Greg Abbott to declare: “we’re measuring the rain in feet, not inches.”

And the worst may not yet have happened – the hurricane seems set to move into the gulf for a number of days before circling back to make landfall once more later in the week.

Thus far, the storm has produced some unforgettable images, from nursing home patients trapped in waist-deep water to mobile homes ripped apart like tissue paper:

pa1Water rushes through a massive sinkhole near Houston yesterday Source: PA Images

CORRECTION HarveyEmily Zurawski calls her mother from an emergency command center in Port Arkansas, Texas Source: Nick Wagner/PA

News: Hurricane HarveyCorpus Christi, Texas Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

HarveyA man walks through floodwaters in Houston Source: Charlie Riedel/Pa

Tweet by @~Marietta️ Source: ~Marietta️/Twitter

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Harvey inundates Southeast TexasA collapsed awning at a filling station in Webster, Texas Source: Stuart Villanueva/PA

HarveyA photo made available by Nasa of Hurricane Harvey over Texas on Saturday, 26 August Source: AP/PA Images

HarveyAn Interstate 45 feeder road flooded at Galveston Source: Yi-Chin Lee/Houston Chronicle

Tweet by @CNN Source: CNN/Twitter

HarveyAn unidentified man helping Carlos Torres to dry ground, near downtown Houston yesterday Source: Charlie Riedel/PA

HarveyMichael Scott live streams the rain and wind of Hurricane Harvey in Galveston on Saturday Source: Jennifer Reynolds/Pa

HarveyA mobile home sits on its side in Port Aransas, Texas Source: Nick Wagner/PA

Tweet by @Joey Palacios Source: Joey Palacios/Twitter

Hurricane Harvey Hits TexasA downed streetlight continues its cycle in Corpus Christi on Saturday night Source: Corpus Christi Caller-Times/TNS/ABACA

HarveyResidents of Dickinson, Texas, wait for help on the second floor of their apartment complex yesterday Source: Kelsey Walling/PA

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