Light and Shine

Light and Shine


Light and Shine.

‘Light and Shine’ served as another astounding success for both Eimear Farrell and ARTzheirmer’s at The Civic Theatre, Tallaght opened their doors for the 6th ARTzheirmer’s exhibition on the 20th of March. Support for the social enterprise was evident as many people gathered on opening night to support and experience the provoking art exhibition, raising awareness to the complex issues and consequences for those living with Alzheimer’s. This Exhibition exudes the overwhelming connection between art and the awareness the societal issue of Alzheimer’s.

ARTzheimer’s is a social enterprise, founded by Eimear Farrell in 2014. It uses the medium of art to provoke bold and brave conversations about Alzheimer’s. Light and Shade alludes to the complex issues for those living with, and experiencing symptoms of, Dementia. ARTzheimer’s ultimately aims to humanise Dementia.

To date, ARTzhimer’s have collaborated with over 200 Irish and International Artists, ranging between the ages of 7 to 74. The social enterprise brings the conversation about Alzheimer’s disease into a classroom and community setting so that we begin to educate and inspire young people to highlight the ongoing issues and stigma.

Their vision is twofold – firstly, they want to give people permission to speak openly about Alzheimer’s and to educate and remove the stigma and secondly, to trigger a positive change in the care system enabling people of all ages to become changemakers.






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