Four months after pledging $1m to veterans, Donald Trump gets ready to pay up

Four months after pledging $1m to veterans, Donald Trump gets ready to pay up

DONALD TRUMP HAS started the process of making good on a $1 million pledge to US military veterans, four months after he first promised the money.

Instead of attending a Fox News debate on 28 January, the presidential candidate held a televised fundraiser for veterans in Des Moines, Iowa.

At the event, Trump had claimed that $6 million had been raised for veterans causes including a $1 million donation from himself.

In the months since, however, some US new reporters have been chasing Trump and others for evidence that the money was actually donated.

In this conversation with Washington Post journalist Drew Harwood from earlier this month, Trump refused to tell the reporter what veterans charities he had made his donation to.

“Why should I tell you? Why would I want to do that?”, Trump said.

Following up on this exchange, another Washington Post journalist David Fahrenthold took to Twitter to look for veterans groups who had received the pledged money from Trump.

It provoked an instant response from Trump who again repeated his claim that he personally donated $1 million following his fundraising drive.

Trump even released a video calling the media ‘dishonest’ for its reporting of the story.

Fahrenthold repeated his call for veterans groups to come forward and yesterday evening the reporter said that he’d spoken to a veterans group who’d been contacted by the Trump campaign.

The reporter says that they were contacted only yesterday by the campaign who sought their charity number.

The Washington Post says it has established that Trump had contacted a veterans charity, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, on Monday pledging all of the his $1 million but that as of yesterday the money had not yet been transferred.

The paper said it had spoken to the charity who said that they had been in touch with Trump’s representatives.

“The foundation is thrilled, because the [money] is going to help a lot of people. Especially the children,” Sue Kallstrom told the Washington Post.

Asked about the rest of the $6 million pledged during the fundraiser, Trump said that he wasn’t sure of the figure but that,

For the most part, I think they all came through.

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