4Get- Me- Not

4Get- Me- Not

Our CEO’s recent visit to Dubai were he had the pleasure of meeting Desiree Vlekken Founder and Executive Director of 4Get-Me-Not.org, a non-profit organisation committed to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.In recent weeks 4Get-Me-Not have taken a huge step forward to de-stigmatising Alzhiemers by opening their first Alzheimer cafe with the support of their volunteers and CSR support from COSTA Coffee UAE.

The 4Get-Me-Not Alzheimer’s Cafe
Alizhiemers cafe

The 4Get-Me-Not Alzheimer’s Cafe,is a monthy social gathering for seniors, families affected by and/or interested in Alzheimer’s was launched last 07th March.
In a friendly and real cafe set up, 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Cafe is an initiative which encourage attendees to exchange information on how to keep one’s memory sharp. This also gives them opportunity to meet others and socialise,a step to consequentially de-stigmatise Alzheimer’s.

This month’s memory activity theme – ‘Paper Quilling and the Art of Remembering’ was presented by quilling artist Shree Jadeja to a lively crowd of senior residents mostly from TECOM. Novelty giveaways, coffee vouchers and hospitality was lovingly hosted by New COSTA Coffee Jumeirah Beach road.


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